Athens Walker’s Delight XL

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The Grand Tour inside & around the historical center of Athens. If you like site seeing, this is your game!

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This is a game for those of you that gulp kilometers & impressions by the handful… A combination of the old & the new, the business- commercial rush along with the Greek relaxation mode! If what you want is a really fast paced- get to know the place- get a glimpse of people game, this is the one for you.

Explore the past & contemporary Greece, get a glimpse of ancient monuments, walk among the most scenic landscapes of old Athens and visit the commercial center of the town, that buzzes with life, aromas & tastes. We are talking about a really large area where the heart of the country beats. Everything from the Parliament and the graphic Efzones garrison, the National Park (the first and maybe the last (!) organized green space in the town), the Syntagma square, the commercial areas of Kolonaki & Ermou str, the old city named Plaka, the amazing Acropolis and it’s museum, the overlooking hill of Philopapus and the buzzy flee market of Monastiraki area & Thesion….

Ready? GO!

  • This game will take you to a fantastic walking discovery.
  • Does not require purchasing any entrance tickets to ancient sites but it would be a nice idea to use the subway if walking gets too tiring!
  • We suggest you wear comfortable shoes. Watch out for traffic and old slippery pavements.
  • Get water and snacks!
  • This game is better played during daytime, since many sites are not accessible after sundown!

3 reviews for Athens Walker’s Delight XL

  1. titornian (verified owner)

    WOW! I liked the explorer’s feeling

  2. outsmarter (verified owner)

    it’s the best

  3. lelis (verified owner)

    We had a fun day in Athens.
    Since we are students, it was a cheap and fun way to explore the city and see the sites.
    Please make more games for other cities!

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